SAP Long Range Plan Articles

Current Subatomic Long Range Plan activities

For latest information on the Canadian Subatomic Long Range Plan, consult the CINP LRP page.

Looking ahead to Long Range Planning for NSERC

The next LRP is coming soon. The community is invited to start thinking of research efforts that should be profiled and begin submitting photos from experiments, particularly ones including students, for inclusion into the report. Please submit material and photos to any members of our Executive.


2011-2016 LRP Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference from NSERC on the 2011-2016 Long Range Plan which will be put together in 2010.

Subatomic LRPC Report - November, 2006

Report of the NSERC Subatomic Physics Long Range Planning Committee

2005 Nuclear Physics Brief to the LRPC

After extensive community input, we have finalized the Nuclear Physics Brief to the NSERC Subatomic Physics Long Range Planning Committee. A PDF copy has been attached to this article.
Copies of the DNP Brief presentation at the Montreal Town Hall meeting are also available and attached to this article.

Nuclear Physics long range planning briefs - Sept/05

All Nuclear Physics briefs submitted as part of the SAP long range planning process are now available for download. Since most briefs contain names of HQP's, they have been placed in a password protected location due to privacy issues. All briefs are in PDF format.

The URL is

Nuclear Physics Town Hall Presentations - Sept/05

Martin Comyn has generated a web-page on the triumf server where all presentations of the September, 2005 Vancouver Town Hall Meeting are presently available in ppt and/ or pdf.

The URL is:

A Vision for Nuclear Theory - 2003 NSAC Subcommittee

Report of the NSAC Subcommittee on Nuclear Theory, November 11th, 2003.