DNP Sessions at CAP Congresses

DNP Sessions, Conveners, Invited and Plenary Speakers at CAP Congresses

2019 Congress, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC

Invited speakers (regular DNP sessions):

M1‐5 Nuclear Astrophysics (DNP)
- Rodney Orford (LBNL), Modern‐day precision mass measurements and the astrophysical r process

M1‐8 Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and Strangeness (DNP)
- Tomofumi Nagae (Kyoto University), Recent progress on Strangeness Nuclear Physics at J‐PARC
- Aleksandra Bialek (SNOLAB), Status of the SNO+ experiment

M2‐5 Nuclear Structure I (DNP)
- Anna McCoy (TRIUMF), Ab initio exploration of C-12

M2‐2 Fundamental Symmetries (DNP)
- Mukut Ranjan Kalita (TRIUMF), Towards measuring atomic parity violation effects in francium

T1‐3 Nuclear Structure II (DNP)
- Leigh Graham (TRIUMF), The CANREB Project for Charge State Breeding at TRIUMF

T2‐10 Nuclear Instrumentation (DNP)
- Ryan Dunlop (University of Guelph), Decay studies using the GRIFFIN Spectrometer at TRIUMF‐ISAC

W1‐11 Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay (DNP)
- Jacques Farine (Laurentian University), Latest results from EXO‐200 and status of nEXO

W2‐8 Nuclear Astrophysics II (DNP)
- Matthew Williams (TRIUMF), Commissioning and initial operation of the EMMA recoil mass spectrometer

W2‐9 Hadronic Physics (DNP/DTP)
- Mohammad Ahmady (Mount Allison University), Dynamical spin effects in the pion light‐front wavefunction
- Papandreou Zisis (University of Regina), The GlueX Experiment: A Search for Exotic Matter

R2‐7 Nuclear Structure IV (DNP)
- Erich Leistenschneider (TRIUMF/UBC), High Precision Mass Spectrometry for Fundamental Tests of the Weak Interaction

R2‐8 Ultracold Neutrons (DNP/PPD)
- Jamieson Blair (University of Winnipeg), Progress on ultracold neutrons at TRIUMF

Invited speakers (Symposium in Honour of John d'Auria):

T2‐3 Nuclear Astrophysics/Structure and Medical Isotopes in honour of Prof. John D'Auria AM‐2 (DNP)
- Thomas Ruth (TRIUMF), Life with a Scientific Cyclone: Personal reflections on my collaborations with John D'Auria
- Suzanne Lapi (University of Alabama at Birmingham), Creative Chemistry and Cyclotrons: Training students and expanding the toolbox of PET radionuclides
- Vesna Sossi (University of British Columbia), Positron emission tomography (PET) contributions to a better understanding of brain function

T3‐3 Nuclear Astrophysics/Structure and Medical Isotopes in honour of Prof. John D'Auria PM‐1 (DNP)
- Caterina Ramogida (Simon Fraser University), Production and purification of radium‐225 and actinium‐225 at TRIUMF’s Isotope Separation On‐line (ISOL) facility and subsequent radio labeling studies with alpha‐emitter actinium‐225
- Heather Crawford (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Gamma‐Ray Spectroscopy at the Limits
- Christopher Wrede (Michigan State University), Methods to constrain thermonuclear rates (by and for John D’Auria)

T4‐3 Nuclear Astrophysics/Structure and Medical Isotopes in honour of Prof. John D'Auria PM‐2 (DNP)
- Richard Casten (Yale University), John D'Auria and his legacy
- Peter Kunz (TRIUMF), Rare Isotope Production at ISAC/TRIUMF
- John Behr (TRIUMF), John D'Auria, the relativistic chemistry of francium, and MeV‐mass neutrinos
- Chris Ruiz (TRIUMF), Canada's DRAGON

2018 Congress, Dalhousie University, Halifax NS
- Cornell, Eric (Boulder) - Looking for Fossils of the Big Bang in Molecular Spectra
- CAP-TRIUMF Vogt Medal - Rituparna Kanungo (Saint Mary's University)

Sessions (with session chairs and invited speakers)

M1-5 Nuclear Astrophysics (DNP) [Chris Ruiz, TRIUMF]
- Lennarz, Annika (TRIUMF) - Investigating key reactions of nuclear astrophysics interest using the DRAGON recoil separator

M2-5 Nuclear Structure (DNP) [Gerald Gwinner, U Manitoba]
- Reiter, Moritz Pascal (TRIUMF) - Recent mass measurements at TITAN

M3-4 Cold and Trapped Atoms and Tests of Fundamental Symmetries (DNP/DTP/PPD/DAMOPC) [Tim Friesen, U Calgary]
- Gericke, Michael (U Manitoba) - Final results from the QWeak experiment: The Weak charge of the proton and new mass scale limits on possible physics beyond the Standard Model.
- Downie, Evangeline (George Washington U) - MUSE-ing about the proton radius puzzle

T2-7 Testing Fundamental Symmetries II (DTP/PPD/DNP) [Rainer Dick, U Saskatchwan]
- Blunden, Peter (U Manitoba) - Hadronic effects in parity-violating electron-proton scattering at low energies
- Aleksejevs, Aleksandrs (Memorial U Grenfell) - Particle Physics at the Precision Frontier

T3-5 Hadronic Physics (DNP) [David Hornidge, Mt Allison U]
- Stevens, Justin (College of William and Mary) - Recent Results from GlueX

T4-5 Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay(DNP) [Michael Gericke, U Manitoba]
- Licciardi, Caio (Laurentian U) - Neutrinoless double beta decay search using liquid xenon
- Friesen, Tim (U Calgary) - Hyperfine spectroscopy (and more) of antihydrogen

W3-8 Nuclear Structure (DNP) [Iris Dillman, TRIUMF]
- Vorabbi,Matteo (TRIUMF) - Ab initio calculations for exotic nuclei

W4-3 Advances in Nuclear and Particle Physics Theory (DTP/PPD/DNP) [Aleksejevs, Aleksandrs (Memorial U Grenfell]
- Dick, Rainer (U Saskatchewan) - Status of Higgs Portal Dark Matter
- Mcdonough, Evan (Brown U) - Chiral Gravitational Waves and Baryon Superfluid Dark Matter

R1-7 Neutrons (DNP) [Elie Korkmaz, UNBC]
- Kuchler, Florian (TRIUMF) - The ultra-cold neutron facility at TRIUMF

R3-1 Nuclearphysics - special topics (DNP) [Garth Huber, U Regina]
- Deshpande, Abhay (Stony Brook U) - Science and Status of the US Electron Ion Collider (EIC)
- Caballero-Folch, Roger (TRIUMF) - The BRIKEN experimental campaign: Beta-delayed neutron measurements at RIKEN for nuclear structure, astrophysics, and applications

2017 Congress, Queen's University, Kingston ON

Arthur B. McDonald, Queen’s University and SNOLAB



M2-5 Nuclear Astrophysics (DNP) [Barry Davids, TRIUMF]
- Chen, Alan - Nova nucleosynthesis from phosphorus to the endpoint
- Cote, Benoit - Connecting Nuclear Astrophysics to Cosmological Structure Formation

M3-3 Cosmic Messengers (PPD/DNP/DTP) [Steven Robertson, McGill University]

M4-4 Nuclear Structure I (DNP) [Kumar Sharma, University of Manitoba]
- Atar, Leyla - Quasi-free Proton Knockout Reactions on the Oxygen Isotopic Chain
- Ali,Fuad - Shape Coexistence in the Proton-Unbound Nucleus $A(J77}$Au

T2-3 Testing Fundamental Symmetries I (DTP/PPD/DNP) [Svetlana Barkanova, MUN]
- Erler, Jens - Electroweak Precision Measurements

TJ-5 Hadronic Structure (DNP) [Sangyong Jeon, McGill University]
- Lewis, Randy - Lattice QCD results for doubly heavy tetraquarks

T4-5 Nuclear Structure II (DNP) [Reiner Krucken, TRIUMF]
- Sharma, Kumar - The determination of the masses of neutron-rich nuclides using the CPT mass spectrometer at CARIBU
- Whitmore, Kenneth - Recent Results In Decay Spectroscopy with GRIFFIN

W1-5 Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay (DNP/PPD/DTP) [Alex Wright, TRIUMF]
- Gornea, Razvan - Next-generation neutrino-less double beta decay search with LXe
- Ford, Richard - SNO+ Experiment: Commissioning and Status

W3-3 Testing Fundamental Symmetries II (DNP/PPD/DTP) [Beatrice Franke, TRIUMF]
- Behr, John - Beta decay correlations with laser-trapped 37K in the LHC era

W4-3 Advances in Nuclear and Particle Physics Theory (DTP/PPD/DNP) [Aleksanders Aleksejevs, MUN]
- Sandapen, Ruben - The holographic Schrodinger Equation

Rl-5 Low Background Detectors (DIMP/PPD/DNP) [Kirk Michaelian, Natural Resources Canada]

R2-3 Dark Matter III (PPD/ DNP/ DTP) [Steven Robertson, McGill University]
- Rau, Wolfgang - SuperCDMS and CUTE at SNOLAB

R3-4 Testing Fundamental Symmetries III (DNP/PPD/DTP) [Wolfgang Rau, Queen's University]
- Franke, Beatrice - The new ultracold neutron facility at TRIUMF

2016 Congress, University of Ottawa, Ottawa ON


Hendrik Schatz (Michigan State) - Nuclear Astrophysics with Radioactive Beams


M1-4 Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay I (PPD-DNP-DTP) [Tony Noble, Queen's University]
- Brunner,Thomas - Neutrino-less double beta decay search with EXO-200 and nEXO
- Kraus, Christine - SNO+ status

M2-1 Nuclear Structure I (DNP) [Dennis Muecher, Guelph]

M3-1 Nuclear Astrophysics (DNP) [Barry Davids, TRIUMF]
- Caballero, Olga - Neutron star mergers: neutrino emission and nucleosynthesis
- Spyrou, Artemis - Constraining neutron capture rates far from stability and astrophysical implications

T1-5 Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay (PPD-DNP-DTP) [Thomas Brunner, McGill University]
- Hill, Richard - Towards new discoveries with neutrinos and dark matter

T2-1 Nuclear Structure II (DNP) [Corina Andreoiu, Simon Fraser]
- Kanungo, Rituparna - Exploring the exotic landscape with direct reactions

T3-1 Hadronic Structure (DNP) [Reiner Kruecken, TRIUMF]
- Friesen, Tim - DNP Thesis Prize - Probing Trapped Antihydrogen: In situ diagnostics and resonant transitions
- Jeon, Sangyong - Recent developments in characterization of Quark-Gluon Plasma

W1-3 Testing Fundamental Symmetries I (DNP-PPD- DTP) [Gerald Gwinner, University of Manitoba]
- Scielzo, Nicholas - Tests of the electroweak interaction from studies of the beta decay of trapped 8Li ions
- Kalita, Mukut - Search for a permanent electric dipole moment of the Ra-225 atom

W1-4 Radiation Therapy (DPMB-DNP) [Melanie Martin, University of Winnipeg]
- Beaulieu, Luc - The role of advanced dose calculation methods in modern brachytherapy techniques

W2-4 Neutrino Physics (PPD/DNP/DTP) [Christine Kraus, SNOLAB]
- Jamieson, Blair - T2K

W3-1 Nuclear Structure III (DNP) [Ritu Kanungo, St. Mary's University]
- Lascar, Daniel - Mass Measurements with TITAN: Capabilities and Progress
- Muecher, Dennis - Probing Nuclear Shell Evolution using Radioactive Ion Beams at ISOLDE, CERN

R1-3 Advances in Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics Theory (DTP-DNP-PPD) [Aleksandrs Aleksejevs, Grenfell, MUN]
- Svenne, Juris - 12 years of MCAS: Multi Channel Algebraic Scattering
- Pospelov, Maxim - New physics efforts at the intensity frontier

R1-4 Nuclear Physics in Medicine (DPMB-DNP-DIAP) [Christopher Bergevin, York University]
- Teymurazyan, Aram -Towards reducing the dose needed for Megavoltage Cone Beam CT
- Thiessen, Jonathan - Simultaneous PET/MRI with Clinical and Preclinical Systems

R2-3 Testing Fundamental Symmetries II (PPD-DNP- DTP) [Richard Ford, SNOLAB]
- Vachon, Brigitte - Upgrades to the ATLAS detector at the LHC

2015 Congress, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB

Wick Haxton (U. of Washington / U. of California) Neutrino Physics: On Earth and in the Heavens
Charles Gale (McGill) (CAP-CRM Prize Winner) Gravity and Entanglement


(M1-5) Nuclear Techniques in Medicine and Safety (DNP-DIAP) [Zisis Papandreou, University of Regina]
- SEMENOV, Andrei - Evaluation of SiPM Arrays and Use for Radioactivity Detection and Monitoring
- ROOT, John - The 2018 Shutdown of the NRU Reactor

(M1-6) Neutrinoless Double-beta Decay I (PPD-DNP) [Rudiger Picker, TRIUMF]
- BILENKY, Samoil - Neutrino in the Standard Model and beyond
- HALLIN, Aksel - Status ofthe SNO+ Experiment

(M1-7) Advances in Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics Theory (DNP-PPD-DTP) [Pierre Ouimet, University of Regina]
- NAVRATIL, Petr - Ab initio calculations of nuclear structure and reactions

(M2-5) Nuclear Astrophysics (DNP) [Barry Davids, TRIUMF]
- HERWIG, Falk - The turbulent hydrodynamics and nuclear astrophysics of anomalous stars from the early universe
- OUYED, Rachid - Quark-Novae : Implications to High-Energy and Nuclear Astrophysics

(M2-6) Radiation Therapy (DMBP-DNP) [Melanie Martin, University of Winnipeg]
- FALLONE, B. Gino - Development of the World's first Whole-Body Linac-MRI and Imaging Hybrid System

(T1-7) Nuclear Structure I (DNP) [Adam Garnsworthy, TRIUMF]
- ROGACHEV, Grigory -Light Exotic Nuclei Studied via Resonance Scattering
- KWIATKOWSKI, Anna - Low-energy, precision experiments with ion traps: mass measurements and decay spectroscopy

(T2-5) Nuclear Structure II (DNP) [Jens Dilling, TRIUMF]
- BENDER, Peter - Single particle structure in neutron-rich Sr isotopes ...

(T2-6) Nuclear Physics in Medicine (DNP- DMBP-DIAP) [Andrei Semenov, Jefferson Lab]
- SCHAFFER, Paul - Accelerator-Based Medical Isotope Production at TRIUMF
- DE JONG, Mark - Producing Medical Isotopes with Electron Linacs

T3-5 Study of Neutrino Oscillations (PPD-DTP- DNP) [Zoltán Geese, University of British Columbia]
- HASTINGS, Nicholas - Status of Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiments

T3-6 Nuclear Structure III (DNP) [Reiner Kruecken, TRIUMF]

W1-7 Neutrinoless Double-beta Decay II (PPD-DNP) [Gilles Gerbier, Queen's University]
- GRAHAM, Kevin - The EXO Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay

W2-4 Testing Fundamental Symmetries I (DNP/PPD) [Jenna Smith, TRIUMF]
- Fujiwara, Makoto - Casting light on antimatter ...
- Gericke, Michael - Hi precision weak charge measurements ...

R1-6 Testing Fundamental Symmetries II (DTP-PPD- DNP) [David Morrissey, TRIUMF]
- ALEKSEJEVS, Aleksandrs - The Hunt for Physics Beyond the Standard Model at the Precision Frontier
- PICKER, Rüdiger - Fundamental Physics with Ultra-cold Neutrons Comes to Canada

R1 -7 Hadronic Structure (DNP- DTP) [Garth Huber, University of Regina]
- PAPANDREOU, Zisis - Commissioning of the GlueX Experiment
- STEELE, Tom - QCD and the XYZs

(F1-2) Experimental Advances and Accelerators (DNP-DIMP-PPD) [Zisis Papandreou, University of Regina]
- KOSCIELNIAK, Shane - TRIUMF ARIEL Electron Linear Accelerator
- MERMINGA, Lia - ARIEL: Driving Scientific Discovery and Innovation with TRIUMF's Advanced Rare Isotope Laboratory

2014 Congress, Laurentian University, Sudbury

Neutrinos: Long Baseline, PPD7/DNP1, (Zoltan Gecse, UBC)
Neutrinoless double beta decay, DNP2/PPD18, (Shelley Page, Manitoba)
Future of Cosmic Frontier: Dark Matter, PPD10/DNP3/DTP14, (Matt Rudolph, Toronto)
Testing Fundamental Symmetries 1, DNP4/PPD15/DTP23 /DIMP2, (Gerald Gwinner, Manitoba)
Testing Fundamental Symmetries 3, DTP16/PPD14/DNP5/DIMP4, (Pierre Ouimet, Regina)
Hadronic Structure, DNP6, (Garth Huber, Regina)
Mass Spectrometry Mini Symposium, DNP7, (Adam Garnsworthy, TRIUMF)
Nuclear Physics in Medicine, DNP8/DIAP1/DMBP9, (Mark Gallagher, Lakehead)
Experimental Advances and Accelerators, DNP9/PPD16/DIMP5, (Rene Roy, Laval)
Advances in PP and NP theory, DTP22/PPD17//DNP10, (Rainier Dick, Saskatchewan)
Nuclear Physics, Heavy Ions, Extreme Matter, DNP11, (Michael Gericke, Manitoba)
Nuclear Astrophysics, DNP12, (Barry Davids, TRIUMF)
Heavy Mesons and QCD, DTP7/DNP13, (Juris Svenne, Manitoba)
Neutrinos: Underground and Future, DTP13/PPD8/DNP14, (Andrei Semenov, Regina)
Nuclear Safety, DNP15/DIAP4, (Conny Hoehr, TRIUMF)
Erich Vogt Memorial Session 1, DNP16/PPD19/DTP24, (Zisis Papandreou, Regina)
Erich Vogt Memorial Session 2, DNP17/PPD20/DTP25, (Anadi Canepa, TRIUMF)
Testing Fundamental Symmetries 2, PPD21/DNP18/DTP26, (Zisis Papandreou, Regina)

2013 Congress, Université de Montréal, Montréal

Nuclear Structure at Extremes, DNP1, (F. Buchinger, McGill)
Hadronic Structure, DNP2, (Z. Papandreou, Regina)
Nuclear Astrophysics, DNP3, (A. Cummings, McGill)
Experimental Advances and Accelerators, DNP4/PPD, (R. Kruecken, TRIUMF)
Nuclear Structure of Light Nuclei, DNP5, (P. Navratil, TRIUMF)
Testing Fundamental Symmetries in Nuclear Physics, DNP6, (J. Mammei, Manitoba)
Mini Symposium on Mass Spectrometry, DHP/DNP7/PPD, (J. Dilling, TRIUMF)
New Developments in Particle and Nuclear Theory, DTP/DNP8/PPD, (R. Dick, Saskatchewan)
Heavy Ion Reactions, DNP9, (A. Garnsworthy, TRIUMF)
Double beta decay, PPD/DNP10, (D. Freckers, Muenster)
SM Tests at Low and High Energies, DNP11/PPD, (T. Steele, Saskatchewan)
Nuclear Techniques in Medicine, DMBP/DNP12, (G. Hackman, TRIUMF)

2012 Congress, University of Calgary, Calgary

Nuclear Structure at Extremes, DNP1, (R. Austin,
Heavy Ion Reactions I (high energies), DNP2, (R. Roy,
Heavy Ion Reactions II (low energies), DNP3, (K. Starosta,
Nuclear Matter under Extreme Conditions, DNP4, (D. Hornidge,
Nuclear Astrophysics, DNP5, (A. Chen,
Testing Fundamental Symmetries in Nature, DNP6, (G. Gwinner,
Double beta decay, DNP7 (joint with PPD), (C. Andreiou,
SM tests at low and high energies, DNP8 (joint with PPD), (PPD chair)
Experimental Advances and accelerators, DNP9 (joint with PPD), (S.Page,
Nuclear Physics in Medicine, DNP10 (joint with DMBP), (DMBP chair)
New Developments in Particle and Nuclear Theory (joint with DTP-PPD), (DTP chair)

2011 Congress, Memorial University, St. John's

Fundamental Symmetries -joint with PPD (Shelley Page, Manitoba)
Nuclear Astrophysics (Barry Davids, TRIUMF)
Nuclear Structure (Corina Andreoiu, SFU)
Nuclear Matter under Extreme Conditions (Aleksandrs Aleksejevs, Memorial)
Heavy-ion collisions and reactions (Ms. Rituparna Kanungo, Saint Mary's)
New developments in Particle and Nuclear Physics Theory - joint with IPP and DTP (Todd Fugleberg, Brandon)
Advances in Nuclear Physics - Experiment History of Nuclear Physics - joint with DPH (Roby Austin, Saint Mary's)

2010 Congress, University of Toronto, Toronto

Nuclear Astrophysics (Barry Davids, TRIUMF)
Nuclear Structure (Krzysztof Starosota - SFU)
Advances in Nuclear Physics Theory (Svetlana Barkanova, Acadia)
Fundamental Symmetries (Gerald Gwinner, Manitoba)
Nuclear Matter at Extreme Conditions (Sangyong Jeon, McGill)
Advances in Nuclear Physics-Experiments (Michael Gericke, Manitoba)
Heavy Ion Collisions and Reactor Physics (Jean Barrette, McGill)
Reports on LRP for Nuclear Physics (Kumar Sharma, Manitoba)
Plenary: Direct Production of 99mTc via Cyclotron Irradiation of 100Mo: A Piece of the Puzzle - Tom Ruth, TRIUMF
Plenary: Using the 100Mo Photoneutron Reaction to Meet Canada's Requirement for 99mTc - Carl Ross, NRC

2009 Congress, University of Moncton, Moncton
CAP Herzberg Medal Speaker - Guy Moore, McGill
Precision Measurements-Testing Fundamental Symmetries (Makoto Fujiwara)
Intensity Frontier-Testing the Standard Model (Wim van Oers)
Exotic Nuclear Structure (Ritu Kanungo)
Nuclear Structure with Radioactive Probes (Roby Austin)
Open Questions in Hadronic Physics (Garth Huber)
DNP Plenary Speaker - Achim Schwenk, TRIUMF
Heavy Ion Collisions and Instrumentation (Malcolm Butler)
Preparing for the Next Long Range Plan for Subatomic Physics (Kumar Sharma)

2008 Congress, Laval University, Quebec City (organized by Malcolm Butler)
Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics
Heavy Ions
New Physics-Electroweak Tests I
Hadron Structure, QCD
Nuclear Theory

2007 Congress, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
Nuclear Astrophysics (Barry Davids)
Nuclear Structure with Radioactive Probes (Roby Austin)
Electroweak Standard Model Tests I - Leptonic (Wim van Oers)
Electroweak Standard Model Tests II - Semi-Leptonic (Jeff Martin)
Instrumentation for Nuclear and Medical Physics (Greg Hackman) joint with DMBP
Advances in Nuclear Theory (Malcolm Butler) joint with DTP
Electromagnetic and Weak Probes (Garth Huber)

2006 Congress, Brock University, St. Catherines
Nuclear Astrophysics (Allan Chen)
Nuclear Structure with Radioactive Probes (Paul Garrett)
Hadron Form Factors (Wim van Oers)
Searches for New Physics at Low and Intermediate Energy (Elie Korkmaz)
Instrumentation for Nuclear Physics (Greg Hackman) joint with DIMP
Nuclear Reactions and Scattering (Garth Huber)
DNP Plenary Speaker (Ian Towner - Universality of the Weak Interaction)

2005 Congress, University of B.C./TRIUMF, Vancouver
Nuclear Astrophysics (Allan Chen)
Tests of the Standard Model (Wim van Oers)
Nuclear Structure (Gordon Ball)
Instrumentation for Nuclear Physics (J. Dilling)
QCD in Nuclear Physics (Garth Huber)

2004 Congress, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg
Symmetries in Nuclear Physics (Wim van Oers)
Radioactive Beam/Heavy Ion Physics (Carl Svensson)
Novae and Supernovae (S. Safi-Harb) joint with CASCA
Ion Traps in Atomic & Nuclear Physics (K. Sharma) joint with DAMP

2003 Congress, University of P.E.I., Charlottetown
Effective Field Theories in Nuclear Physics (N. Kolb)
Symmetries in Nuclear Physics (Wim van Oers)
Heavy Ions & Nuclear Structure (Rene Roy)
Radioactive Beam Science (G. Ball)
Nuclear Astrophysics (J. d'Auria)

2002 Congress, Laval University, Quebec City
Parity Violation (E. Korkmaz)
Nucleon Structure (N. Kolb)
Radioactive Nuclei/Heavy Ions (G. Ball)
Future Facilities
Nuclear/Particle Astrophysics (joint with PPD )

2001 Congress, University of Victoria, Victoria
Electromagnetic Interactions (Wim van Oers)
Completing the Standard Model (Norm Kolb) joint with PPD
Progress in Physics with Cooled and Trapped Atoms (I) (K. Sharma) joint with DAMP
Progress in Physics with Cooled and Trapped Atoms (II) (K. Sharma) joint with DAMP
Instruments & Methods (Rob Pywell)
Radioactive Beams and Heavy Ions (J. d'Auria)