Winter Nuclear and Particle Physics Conference (WNPPC)

The 2015 Winter Nuclear and Particle Physics Conference was held at Mont Tremblant, Feb.12-15, 2015.

Note that the DNP gives prizes for the best student presentations:
$250 (1st presentation)
$150 (2nd presentation)
$100 (3rd presentation)

2014 Student Testimonials

Steffen Cruz, 1st Prize: It is always enjoyable to share my research with other young scientists because it is a project that I am passionate about and I feel that is of value to the scientific community. The research that I presented is a part of an experimental nuclear structure campaign to better understand shape coexistence in the vicinity of N=60 in the Sr isotopes. Being a student at an excellent facility like TRIUMF has provided many opportunities for me to learn about and participate in exciting experiments that are advancing our knowledge of the field through exotic radioactive beams and innovative structure experiments. I am delighted to have won the nuclear physics prize and attained an honorable mention in the oral presentation finals this year and I would like to extend my thanks to everyone in the TRIUMF community that made the experiment possible. I would also like to thank the Canadian Association of Physicists for organizing the congress this year and encouraging young scientists to share their work in a friendly and engaging atmosphere.

Jonathan Williams, 2nd Prize: I was excited to see the excellent work (particularly the large amount of experimental work and development of new experimental facilities) being done in nuclear physics and highlighted in this year's talks at CAP, and feel honoured to receive this award. I hope to be back at CAP next year to present further results on my project.

Lori Rebenitsch, 3rd Prize